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New Coaching Program!

Digital Intelligence (DQ)

Digital Quotient (DQ) atau Digital Intelligence disingkat DiliGent atau Kecerdasan Digital adalah Kecerdasan Baru Milenium secara global, untuk menghadapi tantangan digital, beradaptasi dalam digital life dan mengantisipasi ancaman cyber. Klik diatas untuk informasi selanjutnya.

Open for Group and Corporate Request

Applied Psychometric Tool and Development

We use a simple and practical “metric” to develop your skill!

It is known that the good quality of psychological tests are constructed using psychometric standard and method.

Psychometric is the term refers to the study of technique and method to construct and/or validate a psychological measurement in the form of instruments, procedures, and approaches, which applies to skills, knowledge, abilities, attitudes, personality traits, and other areas of human development.

We apply the psychometric approach into the vital subjects of human resources to measure your quality.

Our Emotional Intelligence Metric TestLeadership Metric Test, Supervisor Metric testBurnout Metric Test, and Stress Metric Test are now available together with training and consultation program. Other practical tests and programs are now under the development.