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Digital Intelligence (DQ)
Digital Quotient (DQ) atau Digital Intelligence disingkat DiliGent atau Kecerdasan Digital adalah Kecerdasan Baru Milenium secara global, untuk menghadapi tantangan digital, beradaptasi dalam digital life dan mengantisipasi ancaman cyber. Klik diatas untuk informasi selanjutnya.

Open for Group and Corporate Request

Comprehensive Biopsychology Program

“Biopsychology is a study that analyses how the brain and neurotransmitters influence our behaviours, thoughts,feelings, action and its impact on human body. Biopsychology can be simply thought of as a combination of psychology, neuroscience and biology. Biopsychology is based on the understanding of biological processes, anatomy and physiology which is the most  essential components to understand the brain, neurotransmitters and the nervous system.” 

Comprehensive Bio psychological test

We provide a comprehensive bio psychological tests and counselling which designed to ensure qualified individuals for your team in order to put the right people on the right place. Our approach based on Psychometric and Competency Based Behavioural method at

This comprehensive bio psychological approach is applicable for corporate sectors who want to apply the integrated health approach by reducing higher operational costs on the medical/clinical of the employees toward a cost effective and cost benefit program while still achieve good quality in terms of healthy body and healthy mental of the employees so as their performance at work.

With the Competency Based Behavioural  as a method, our comprehensive approach for an individual is accumulated from SQUID Health Diagnosis, DMIT Assessment and Trigon Character Analysis into an integrated elements as the following:

  • Parameters disease based on the cellular diagnosis (30 human health aspects)
  • Mental and nerve (neurons) factors (Memory Index, Sentiment Index, Mental Power, Response Ability, and Concentration Index)
  • Behaviour identification against health, (Disruptive behaviour, Restless/Lack of Sleep syndrome, High chemical abuse, High Stimulating beverage consumption, High smoking index, Over worries index, electromagnetic Disturbance index, Physical Activity and obesity, Working too hard Index, Constipation, Eating too fast index, etc)
  • Indicator for job performance based clinical, (the proximity measurement for Burnout Index, Stress disorder Index, Mood fluctuation Index, Concentration/Focus Disorder Index, Anger Control Index, GERD Index, Arrhythmia Symptoms Index, Anxiety disorder Index, Excessive Physical Fatigue Index, Assertive, Seriousness and humour Index).
  • Type of Intelligence, which classifies the individual according to 8 kinds of intelligence and 16 innate intelligence.
  • Personal, Work and Brain Characteristic, including displaying character, Action character and inner character of the individual.
  • Learning Type and Learning Style.
  • Hepta Profile Matching character assessment to suit your Business character .

Bio psychological Care Program

We believe that human mental and physical health related to performance is a result of the accumulated habits or behaviour pattern from time to time. The suggestion for treatment as a result from our comprehensive test is available through our bio psychological care program and consultation such as:

  1. Non Chemical Drugs Suggestion for Treatment
  2. Natural Medical Suggestion for Treatment
  3. Non-Medical Pathway/Biopsychology Treatment (Emotion, Taste, Food and Behaviour changing approach)
  4. Digital Drugs (SC Mind Programming)
  5. Behaviour Modification Program
  6. Stress management
  7. Bio psychological based job performance.
  8. Work Friendly Environment Modification
  9. Biopsychology Competency Building

We also provide a one to one counseling for every employee or individual who has emotional/mental/behavioural problems .

Please contact us for further information.