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Tempat dan Tanggal
Di Berry Biz Hotel, Jl. Sunset Road Kuta Bali | Kamis, 28 September 2017, Jam: 08.30– 17.00

Open for Group and Corporate Request

Tailored Programs

Tailored Training Programs

 IQ, EQ and SQ

 Behavior at Work

 Professional Management

 Hospitality Trainings

 Inspirational Leadership and Managerial Skills

 Inspirational Leadership and Supervisory Skills

 Work Redesign for Higher Productivity

 Managing & Leading the Sales Team

 Work-Life Balance

 Train the Trainer & Implementing Quality Standards

 Up-selling, Cross-selling, and Suggestive selling

 Customer Relations Management

 Service Excellence

 Training In Guest Employee Relations (TIGER)

 Project Cycle Management

 Human Resources Audit

 Broca and Wernicke (Hemisphere of the Brain for Linguistic Development

 Certified Training Manager

 Certified Master Trainer

 Team Boot camp

 Security on High Alert

 Managing Change

 Mainsprings of Motivation

 Emotional Freedom

 Butler Service Excellence

 Strategic Planning for Executives

 Vocational English for Special Purposes (Up-selling, Cross-selling, Suggestive Selling, Business Correspondence, Public Speaking, Spa Service Sequences, etc.)